Testing Services

Our testing services:

Tire-Pavement Noise

Is your public complaining about traffic noise from your roadways? Transtec’s tire-pavement noise measurement services can quantify your pavements’ contribution to traffic noise. Using the On-Board Sound Intensity (OBSI) method, we can tell you which of your pavements are quiet and which are loud. We can design, specify, and construct quieter pavements and help reduce your public’s traffic noise complaints.

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Pavement Texture

Transtec is capable of high resolution 3-D measurements of pavement texture using our line-laser-based texture profiler, RoboTex. Detailed knowledge of your pavement’s macrotexture is vital to understanding and improving many of its functional performance characteristics including safety (friction and splash & spray), environment (traffic noise), and life cycle (durability).

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Pavement Friction

Transtec pavement experts can help you investigate the root cause for low pavement friction conditions on roadways or airport runways and develop optimized corrective actions to improve safety. We can develop construction specifications to help ensure your road or airport runway project achieves suitable pavement friction properties and safety levels. Transtec can also provide friction testing for your project and help you understand and interpret testing results.

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ISO 10844 Conformance Test Services

The latest version of ISO 10844 for pass-by noise test tracks has many test requirements, some of them obscure. Transtec’s ISO 10844 conformance test services is capable of measuring them all, including macrotexture MPD using the profile method and sound absorption coefficient using the impedance tube method. Transtec can also assist in design and specifications for new or rehabilitated pass-by noise tracks and minimize your risk of not conforming to the ISO standard.

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Concrete Temperature, Maturity

Concrete temperature and maturity sensors are inexpensive ($35) and can easily ensure concrete pours meet temperature specifications. Our COMMAND Center sensors can be used for either temperature monitoring or for maturity measurement. Maturity lets you estimate concrete strength in-place to speed construction. Visit www.COMMANDCenterConcrete.com for more information.

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Intelligent Compaction

Intelligent Compaction (IC) uses high tech monitoring during asphalt and soils compaction to maximize compaction in the least possible time. Transtec helps agencies implement IC technology.

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Pavement Smoothness

Transtec invented the industry-standard ProVAL software for measurement of pavement smoothness profiles. Transtec provides IRI pavement profile testing, measurement, analysis, interpretation, and even consulting to improve smoothness during construction.

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Automated Pavement Distress Collection & Analysis Service

Transtec operates a Vias automated distress data collection van to provide pavement management data collection services. The Vias van collects high-resolution images, IRI data, rutting data, geometry and location, and pavement texture and condition. The Vias van software is AI-powered to rapidly analyze and report the data. The AI-software can also be trained for asset management, and the software can learn to identify and track nearly any type of asset that is visible in the video recordings.

Pavement Profile Measurements

Transtec can perform pavement profile measurements using a certified inertial profiler for the purpose of ensuring conformance to agency smoothness/ride quality specifications, such as state specifications for the International Roughness Index (IRI).

Falling Weight Deflectometer Services

Transtec performs falling weight deflectometer (FWD) data collection, data reduction, analysis, and reporting for highway agencies. Because we specialize in pavements, we are able efficiently complete projects without sacrificing quality or details. Our FWD services can be combined or offered as standalone services.

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