ProVAL Software: View and Analyze Pavement Profiles

ProVAL is engineering software used to view and analyze pavement profiles. It’s easy to use and powerful enough to perform many types of profile analyses. ProVAL support is sponsored by the TPF-5(354) Pooled Fund Study. It is the official standard analysis and reporting tool listed in many pavement smoothness specifications, including AASHTO, FHWA Federal Lands, and several US DOT specifications.


Transtec created ProVAL in 2001 with funding from FHWA and LTPP, and continues to add features and release new versions of the software. Since January 1, 2017, ProVAL support is sponsored by a Pooled Fund Study. Transtec also conducts hands-on ProVAL workshops around the US and provides one-on-one support to ProVAL users.

Download ProVAL for free at