Before and After

Pittsburgh Busway Rehabilitation | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The Pittsburgh Busway is the primary roadway for bus traffic through metropolitan Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. At the time of rehabilitation, the existing pavement consisted of a deteriorated ten-inch reinforced cement concrete pavement (RCCP) supported by an unknown subbase layer. The pavement exhibited signs of advanced alkali-silica reactivity (ASR), including significant cracking and joint deterioration, which limited the number of viable rehabilitation options.

CLIENT: GAI Consultants for the Port Authority of Allegheny County

Based on the existing roadway conditions, the loads expected on the facility, and the results of an LCCA conducted by The Transtec Group, Transtec proposed a crack and seat with asphalt overlay rehabilitation strategy, with third point saw cuts to existing concrete prior to overlay to remediate the effects of the existing reinforcement. A 4.5 in Superpave HMA overlay was placed on the crack-and-seated pavement using Pennsylvania DOT specifications. The rehabilitated pavement is currently in service and has experienced little or no significant distresses.