Pavement Repair | Dallas-Fort Worth Metro Area

O. Trevino has a strong commitment to quality, schedule, and safety, so they needed a way to produce a high-quality product while also quickly reopening the road to traffic and limiting the amount of time the construction team spends in hazardous work zones. O. Trevino began using COMMAND Center in 2004 and has now used it on hundreds of full-depth pavement repair projects of all different sizes throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area.


Scott Riegler, a project engineer with O. Trevino, says using COMMAND Center has enabled them to break fewer beams, leading to opening roads faster and saving them significant amounts of time.

“COMMAND Center shaves at least 30 minutes off every beam break, so we’re saving about 4.5 hours each day,” said Riegler. “Sitting out there in traffic is dangerous, so saving that time also means less exposure to hazards and fewer risks on the freeway.”

In addition to time, Riegler estimates that COMMAND Center has saved them thousands of dollars in crew hours and increased production.

“With COMMAND Center, you get a more rapid reading compared to beams, so you can pour more concrete,” said Riegler. “If you know it’s taking 3 hours to reach strength, then we can pour another 8 yards, kicking up productions.”

Riegler says his primary reasons for sticking with COMMAND Center since 2004 are the ingenuity of the product, ease of use, and customer service.

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