SPS New England needed to meet internal temperature and temperature gradient specifications in a historic drawbridge replacement project in Massachusetts. They decided to implement COMMAND Center when replacing the 195-foot-long, 41-foot-wide Mitchell River drawbridge. The team used COMMAND Center to record and log temperature data to meet MassDOT’s temperature specifications for mass placement and cold weather concrete pours.

CLIENT: SPS New England

George Andes, Assistant Project Manager for SPS New England, said one of benefits of using COMMAND Center was the reassurance of using a product they trusted and knew was going to work. The team was able to provide data to the owner on a daily basis to prove they were reaching the temperatures required for cold weather curing. Andes said COMMAND Center software gave them the exact data the owner was looking for.

The team also saw a significant time savings on field supervision staff because recording temperatures was much faster with COMMAND Center. The system enabled them to take a full set of recordings and generate reports in less than half the time it took before.

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