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Veta 5.2 Now Available: Enhance IC and PMTP Data Analysis with Latest Upgrades

Intelligent Compaction is an equipment-based technology to improve quality control of compaction.

Veta is a free map-based software tool for contractors and highway officials that is used to view and analyze geospatial data. It currently imports data from intelligent compaction (IC) rollers, paver‐mounted thermal profilers (PMTP), and laser test rollers during construction and acceptance tests. The software then performs various viewing, editing, filtering, spot test correlation, and statistical analysis as a post-processing tool.

The newest version, Veta 5.2, is the most powerful upgrade to the free Veta software. This new upgrade is the last release in 2018, so the industry will continue to use Veta 5.2 for the remaining 2018 construction season. This version supports both LandXML and the AASHTO intelligent construction data standard—a big step towards Building Information Modeling (BIM) compliance. View the 5.2 Release Notes to see all the new features and changes.

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Veta is a free map-based software tool for contractors and highway officials that is used to view and analyze geospatial data.

With greater quality control (QC) over construction, users can perform faster and more detailed analyses Users can also create reports that can help agencies determine contractor pay factors. Construction teams implementing Veta 5.2 can expect to perform these complex tasks smoothly.

One of the salient features of Veta is the ability to view IC and PMTP data as color-coded maps on top of either geographical roads or aerial maps. This distinction facilitates quantitative interpretation and eases the evaluation of rolling pattern consistency and the identification of cold blobs and asphalt streaks due to temperature segregation. The “Direct Download from the Cloud to Veta” feature allows users to better access and manage data in real-time.

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Transtec’s Intelligent Construction Technical Support Center (ICTC) provides customers with services for IC, PMTP, and Veta, including:

  • HelpDesk Support: Online FreshDesk and phone support.
  • Training Workshops: Lecturers-led onsite training workshops.
  • Field Project Support: Onsite field support, just-in-time-training (JITT), and data management/analysis/reporting.
  • Support Package: Protocol development, customized training, IC-PMTP project field support, data analysis/reporting, specification development/refinement, industry feedback, and executive summary reports.

With the assistance of Transtec, The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) executed a year-long project throughout 2017 to demonstrate the use of IC, infrared scanning (IR), and Veta software. Because of this project’s success, MoDOT has committed to fully implement IC by 2021.

About Veta

Veta is required in FHWA and AASHTO PP80-17 and PP81-17 specifications and is increasingly adopted by state highway agencies. The Transtec Group developed Veta with support from the FHWA and the Minnesota Department of Transportation. Currently, the Transportation Pooled Fund (TPF) study, “TPF-5(334) Enhancement to the Intelligent Construction Data Management System (Veta) and Implementation” is leading the effort for enhancing and maintaining Veta to facilitate national implementation of IC-IR and other intelligent construction technologies.

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