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While we deliver some of the most sophisticated pavements research in the world, we are deeply committed to practical tools that get implemented. Our research is far more likely to end up in the hands of a contractor than on the shelf of a library. Today, Transtec implements more practical technologies to the pavements industry than any other firm in the nation.

Practical technologies implemented by Transtec:

Pavement Surface Characteristics
High Friction Roads
Intelligent Construction
Nonwoven Geotextile Interlayer
Precast Pavement
Custom Software Development
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HIPERPAV: Early-Age Concrete Pavement Behavior Analysis

HIPERPAV (HIgh PERformance Concrete PAVing) is free software for pavement contractors and designers. When constructing a new concrete pavement, the first 72 hours in the life of the concrete pavement are critical. Unwanted cracks in the concrete are most likely to occur during the first hours after construction, so careful control of the conditions around the pavement are paramount. The HIPERPAV software tracks all that and warns you if a problem is ahead.

Originally developed by The Transtec Group for the Federal Highway Administration, HIPERPAV is so effective at helping contractors and designers prevent unwanted cracks that the software is now a mandated specification by many state highway agencies. Download HIPERPAV for free at our HIPERPAV project site.

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ProVAL: View and Analyze Pavement Profiles

ProVAL (PROfile Viewing and AnaLysis) is an engineering software program that allows users to view and analyze pavement profiles in many different ways. It is easy to use and powerful enough to perform many kinds of profile analyses. Highway agencies use it to ensure pavements are smooth, which results in longer service life and a more comfortable ride for the public. Contractors use ProVAL to optimize their construction operations to produce smooth pavements for minimum cost.

ProVAL is used by nearly all state highway agencies and thousands of industry stakeholders worldwide. It has become the most popular pavement profile software in the world. Originally developed by The Transtec Group for the Federal Highway Administration and the Long Term Pavement Performance Program, ProVAL is available for free at our project site.

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COMPASS: Computer-Based Guidelines for Job-Specific Paving Concrete Optimization

COMPASS (Concrete Mixture Performance Analysis System) is a software program for job-specific optimization of concrete for paving jobs. The COMPASS software consists of four modules: Mix Expert, Aggregate Gradation, Mix Proportioning, and Mix Optimization. Each module is designed to function as an independent tool. Used together in a progressive manner, the system of modules results in a comprehensive optimization tool.

COMPASS is used by industry members nationwide to optimize paving concrete projects. COMPASS was developed for the Federal Highway Administration by The Transtec Group, and is now available for free download at our project site.

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SmartCure: Real-Time Concrete Curing Monitoring

SmartCure is a hardware device that attaches to a slipform paver on a concrete paving job. SmartCure performs real-time monitoring of the concrete curing process in the field and warns the user when there is a risk for damage to the pavement structure. SmartCure includes computer-based guidelines that offer recommendations on the selection of curing methods, curing applications, curing durations, and temperature management issues. SmartCure consists of measuring components (i.e., a weather station, GPS, and infrared temperature sensor) connected to a laptop computer operating the SmartCure software. For more information, contact us at +1 (512) 451 6233.

Pavement Surface Characteristics for Noise, Texture, Smoothness

Transtec is a world expert in bringing PSC research to life and implementing it in practical ways to aid agencies. Visit our PSC section to explore how we can help you.

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In order to provide an easy way to find the latest state specifications for pavement smoothness requirements, Transtec created is a completely free site for everyone.

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High Friction Roads

When the Federal Highway Administration needed to raise awareness about High Friction Surfaces to reduce highway fatalities, Transtec created as a free national clearinghouse of information about High Friction Roads.

Transtec can also assist with High Friction Surfacing Treatment (HFST) implementation. Our engineers help agencies evaluate candidate sites, specify and select HFST products, and monitor installations to maximize project success. Transtec can also provide testing services to evaluate HFST properties after installation.

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Intelligent Construction

Intelligent Construction (IC) uses high tech monitoring during asphalt and soils compaction to maximize compaction in the least possible time. Transtec helps agencies implement IC technology.

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Nonwoven Geotextile Interlayer

Nonwoven geotextile interlayers are an effective interlayer between two concrete pavement layers. Transtec created a comprehensive nonwoven geotextile interlayer web site to educate the industry:

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Precast Pavement

Precast concrete pavements can be a rapid installation, high performance option for roadways. Transtec has helped more than ten state DOTs and the Federal Highway Administration implement precast pavement design and construction methods. We provide precast pavement engineering services worldwide.

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Custom Software Development

We develop custom software applications, web-based software, and mobile apps for engineering and construction purposes.

YouTube Transtec Channel

Transtec’s YouTube channel includes over 80 educational videos on a wide variety of pavement construction topics that have been viewed over 160,000 times. Visit our YouTube channel to learn more from our pavement construction videos.

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Free Publications

Much of our research results in practical guides for the industry. You can find some of our free publications on this site.

Contact us at +1 (512) 451 6233 and tell us about your pavement needs.