Pavement Surface Characteristics

Pavement surface characteristics affect roadway safety, comfort, and durability.

In addition, they affect vehicle performance and can even have an environmental impact. For example, friction and splash & spray affect safety. Smoothness directly affects comfort. Tire-pavement noise and solar reflectance (albedo) can be environmental concerns.

pavement surface characteristics illustration

Our experts have delivered pavement surface solutions for over 40 years. Experts in pavement surfaces must understand more than pavements. In pavement smoothness, for example, good ride quality comes from an understanding of both pavements and vehicle dynamics. In pavement noise, experts must understand both pavement texture and acoustics.

Our staff is uniquely qualified to bring practical solutions in pavement surfaces. Please browse our website for more information on ways we can improve your pavement facilities. You can also call us for more information or just to ask a question.

Transtec provides consulting, design, testing, and training with respect to all pavement surface characteristics including:


Design and Construction Services

Design and construction methods to produce desired surface characteristics require a careful understanding of the materials specified and the complex interactions of the multiple variables involved. Transtec experts can provide superior design and construction recommendations that maximize pavement performance and reduce ownership costs.

Specification Review and Development

You can’t reduce tire-pavement noise, increase safety, or improve smoothness if your construction specifications are written by someone who is not an expert in the subject. Transtec can deliver.

Our experts come from backgrounds with transportation agencies and with construction companies. Our hybrid backgrounds have enabled us to improve specifications to protect both the owner and the builder. We can work with you to review existing specs, or to develop new ones that deliver the pavement performance you desire while incorporating safety, controlling costs, and dealing fairly with all parties.

Forensic Services

Something went wrong. The schedule is out the window. You need to quickly identify the problem, develop a solution, and prevent repetition.

When problems arise during construction, we will help you quickly identify the solution and get back on track as soon as possible. When problems arise after construction, the situation often appears less urgent, but pavement performance and safety might be quickly deteriorating while we wait to address the problem. Our staff has been providing reliable forensics services for several decades. If you are unsure whether the problem is minor or major, our experts are ready to talk with you about it, and can provide you with free information. Just contact us.


Transtec also provides workshops worldwide, providing expert instruction on pavement surface characteristics including texture, friction, noise, and smoothness.

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