Splash & Spray Services

splash and spray

Splash and spray is a surface characteristic that directly affects road safety. Generation of both splash and spray begin with the same basic mechanism: as a vehicle drives down a wet road, the water beneath the tire will be displaced. Some of this water will be ejected in bulk – as an airborne wave or jet of water termed splash. Some of the water is more finely divided – a result of high localized pressures, strong air currents, and the dynamics of the tire imparting both rapid vibrations and centrifugal forces. In this case, the water takes the form of a spray.

Surface Properties

One particular section of road in my region has an excessive number of complaints and accidents related to reduced visibility during rainy weather. Why?

Surface properties that affect splash & spray include:

  • Cross slope
  • Macrotexture depth
  • Pavement porosity

Transtec’s pavement experts can help measure these pavement properties and assess their contribution toward splash & spray.

Designs and Specifications for Reduced Splash & Spray

How do I construct a pavement with increased macrotexture depth?

Transtec’s pavement experts are knowledgeable in pavement materials and construction methods. We can create pavement construction specifications optimized for your region to meet improved splash & spray performance and safety levels.