Veta Software: Intelligent Compaction Data Management

Veta is a free intelligent construction data management (ICDM) tool that standardizes, displays, analyzes, and reports data collected by several types of intelligent compaction (IC) and paver-mounted thermal profiling technologies during construction. IC machines monitor real-time asphalt or soil compaction progress, and thermal profilers collect asphalt surface temperatures immediately behind pavers. Veta displays compaction information in easy-to-read formats, including graphs and maps. Formerly known as Veda, Veta is required in FHWA, AASHTO, and more than 20 state DOT IC specifications.


Highway officials, engineers, and contractors use Veta to optimize pavement construction. IC and thermal profile data tend to be large and complex—a single project can include millions of data points. Veta’s data management and analysis capabilities help project teams fully harness this data. Transtec created the first version of the software in cooperation with FHWA and MnDOT. MnDOT continues to fund Veta development and enhancements.

Use Veta to increase pavement quality, accelerate construction, and save money by downloading it for free at