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MnDOT Updates Standard Intelligent Construction Tool

Multiple intelligent compaction rollers compact asphalt during pavement construction. Multiple intelligent compaction rollers compact asphalt during pavement construction.

As more construction equipment is able to collect data during highway construction, contractors and highway officials must manage massive collections of valuable data for every project. To standardize and analyze compaction data for paving operations, the highway compaction industry uses Veta, powerful intelligent construction data management software. Veta’s creators, the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) and pavement engineering firm The Transtec Group, recently released an updated version of the software: Veta 3.

Veta is a free intelligent construction data management (ICDM) tool that standardizes, displays, analyzes, and reports data collected by several types of intelligent compaction (IC) and paver-mounted thermal profiling technologies during construction. IC machines monitor real-time asphalt or soil compaction progress, and thermal profilers collect asphalt surface temperatures immediately behind pavers. Formerly known as Veda, Veta is required in FHWA, AASHTO, and more than 20 state DOT IC specifications.

Veta’s latest version boasts upgraded features, new analysis options, and a redesigned user interface. Users will have greater control over their construction data, allowing for more detailed analyses and the ability to create reports that can help agencies determine contractor pay factors.

New features include: paver-mounted thermal profile analysis, the ability to define multiple sublots and filter groups, alignment file enhancements, cumulative distribution analysis, and actual coverage analysis. Construction teams implementing Veta 3 can expect to perform these complex tasks smoothly.

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To freely download Veta, visit Contact Dr. George Chang of Transtec at +1 (512) 451 6233 or Rebecca Embacher of MnDOT at +1 (651) 366 5525 for further information.

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