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The Transtec Group’s Dr. George Chang Receives ASTM Award for Exemplary Work in Standards Development

The Transtec Group’s Dr. George Chang Receives ASTM Award for Exemplary Work in Standards Development

Dr. George K. Chang, The Transtec Group’s Director of Research, is the recipient of the 2017 Billiard-Stubstad Award. ASTM International Committee E17 on Vehicle – Pavement Systems presented the award to Dr. Chang in recognition of his contributions to improving the use of inertial profiler data around the world and his substantial contributions to the roughness standards preparation and maintenance activities for committee E17.

“Through his work in the field of the measurement, processing and analysis of pavement profiles, Dr. Chang had become a well-known expert in the field of pavement smoothness,” said Dr. Zoltan Rado, chairman of the E17 committee. “He had used and dedicated his expertise and knowledge in the technical and practical pavement profile measurement area to bring unique administrative contributions and leadership in the standards development work of ASTM E17. His work within the E17 committee had made it possible for the committee to develop and maintain relevant standards that support the industry and user communities as well as state and national regulatory bodies with pavement roughness measurement and analysis standards.”

Dr. Chang has also previously received the 2007 Kummer Lecture Award and the 2010 Meyer-Horne Outstanding Achievement Award from ASTM.

The Billiard-Stubstad Award was established in 2015 in honor of Gary Billiard and Richard Stubstad. The award is intended to recognize individuals who have made exemplary technical, practical, and/or administrative contributions to the pavement engineering community through their standards development efforts.

ASTM Committee E17 on Vehicle-Pavement Systems was formed in 1960. The Committee has 11 technical subcommittees that have jurisdiction of over 73 standards, published in the Annual Book of ASTM Standards, Volume 4.03. These standards have and continue to play a preeminent role in all aspects important to pavement management technologies, vehicle pavement interactions and intelligent transportation systems.

Dr. Chang is a world expert on pavement smoothness and intelligent compaction. He has extensive experiences in pavement engineering consulting, research, training, and pavement software development. He has been actively involved in many projects that relate to pavement surface characteristics–including friction, smoothness, texture, tire-pavement noise–materials structure design, and intelligent construction technologies. Dr. Chang’s unique expertise is in system/model integration, data collection and analysis, and asset management. He has developed many pavement engineering software applications that have been used as standards around the US and the world. He also co-founded the International Intelligent Construction Technologies Group (IICTG) association in 2016.

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