About Us

The Transtec Group is a pavement engineering firm. Since 1992, Transtec has completed over 900 projects in pavement engineering worth more than $50 billion throughout the US and in a dozen nations on five continents. That keeps us on the leading edge of pavement knowledge, and it means we understand pavement design and engineering more than most pavement designers. That’s what makes us the world’s pavement engineering specialists.

At Transtec, we have a passion for better pavements. We help teams engineer pavements that cost less to construct, increase performance, and surpass the competition. We’ve won global awards for pavement innovations that have become practical, implementable technologies—such as ProVAL, HIPERPAV, and Intelligent Construction methods—used by contractors and agencies worldwide.

Transtec delivers exceptional engineering in planning, design, construction, and rehabilitation of pavement facilities. Transtec also provides expertise in pavement surface characteristics, including pavement smoothness, texture, friction, rolling resistance, and tire-pavement noise.

Minority Business Certifications

Transtec is certified as a DBE, MBE, SDB, and minority-owned small business by the US SBA and many state and local agencies.

The World’s Pavement Engineering Specialists

Transtec has contributed to pavement engineering projects and knowledge all over the world. Take a look at some of our work.

Because we are a small firm of highly specialized pavement engineers, we respond quickly with exceptional quality, and that has made Transtec a global leader in pavements.

We invite you to contact us: +1 (512) 451 6233

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About The Transtec Group