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Wisconsin DOT Builds Better Highways with HIPERPAV-Wisconsin

Pavement construction on a roadway in Wisconsin Wisconsin roadway

Agency implements statewide use of HIPERPAV paving tool

MADISON, WI, November 28, 2006—Wisconsin DOT announced its plans to begin statewide implementation of a new Wisconsin-specific version of the popular HIPERPAV software. WisDOT has adapted the popular concrete pavement analysis software to use materials and construction conditions that are unique to Wisconsin. WisDOT expects HIPERPAV-Wisconsin to help DOT engineers and contractors design and build high quality concrete pavements.

HIPERPAV (High Performance Concrete Paving), created jointly by the Federal Highway Administration and The Transtec Group, evaluates all aspects of a concrete paving project, including mix design, geometry, construction conditions and climate to improve user confidence in short and long term performance requirements. It also allows the user to determine opening to traffic strengths and to minimize premature cracking caused by extreme environmental conditions. The Transtec Group, a pavement engineering firm in Texas, developed the HIPERPAV software and was asked to customize the software for Wisconsin DOT.

Wisconsin DOT officials are excited about the state-specific version of HIPERPAV. “We wanted to have the information on a real-time basis that would help us foresee and avoid problems,” said James Parry, Concrete Engineer, Wisconsin DOT. “The advantage of the customized version is that it has local inputs preset into programs so it is more efficient to use by Wisconsin engineers and contractors.” The software is expected to save DOT engineers and state contractors hours of time in planning, evaluating complex construction scenarios, and optimally selecting materials and construction factors.

HIPERPAV-Wisconsin includes unique Wisconsin inputs and locally used terminology. A new cement library allows users to choose different cement types from local cement manufacturing plants. This new feature quickly became a popular option for Wisconsin DOT. Agency officials have already made the software available statewide, and implementation is expected to begin soon.

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