SH 99 Grand Parkway Segments F1, F2, G | Houston, Texas

The SH 99 Grand Parkway will improve mobility and increase travel capacity around Houston, Texas. The $1.1 billion design-build project is a 38-mile stretch of a four-lane ring road surrounding Houston, and will be built with one million cubic yards of concrete.

Client: Zachry/Odebrecht Parkway Builders

Transtec supported Zachry/Odebrecht, a design/build joint venture, during the design and construction phases of SH 99 Grand Parkway Segments F1, F2, and G.

The American Concrete Pavement Association (ACPA) presented the project with its National Award for Excellence in Concrete Pavement in recognition of its outstanding design and construction.

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Additionally, Transtec’s concrete temperature and maturity monitoring system, COMMAND Center, was implemented on this project. COMMAND Center was used to monitor the internal concrete temperature of mass concrete elements during construction.