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The Transtec Group, Leader in Pavement Texture, to Present in TRB Webinar

Building off our leadership in pavement texture and developing and implementing highway standards, The Transtec Group’s Vice President and Chief Engineer Dr. Robert Rasmussen is presenting in a Transportation Research Board webinar focused on pavement texture.

Transtec has significant experience in measuring, analyzing, and evaluating pavement to meet standards for texture, tire-pavement noise, pavement friction, splash and spray, rolling resistance, and more. These pavement surface characteristics have a significant impact on road safety, ride quality, pavement durability, and sustainability.

Transtec has done pavement testing work across the United States and Europe. In Oklahoma, we conducted pavement surface characteristics testing of an experimental section of highway where the Oklahoma Department of Transportation installed 23 different types of surface treatments on both asphalt and concrete pavements. The results from the testing provided ODOT with valuable information on the friction, texture, and noise performance of surface treatment types commonly used in the state to aid in the decision-making process for treatment selection.

The webinar, Texture Measurements and Their Correlation with Pavement Functional Performance, will discuss the techniques to measure and analyze texture with a focus on the correlation between texture and tire-pavement noise, friction, and splash and spray. It will take place Thursday, April 27 at 2 p.m. ET. For more information and to register, visit TRB’s website.