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Many of Transtec’s projects are popular topics that have their own websites.


CC-460x314The COMMAND Center concrete temperature and maturity system is used to measure and log concrete temperature history, calculate maturity, and evaluate in-place strength. COMMAND Center helps construction teams build faster, build better, and save money.

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concrete being poured onto pavement structure during concrete pavement construction

COMPASS is computer-based guidelines for job-specific optimization of paving concrete. It reduces the stress of choosing the best mix design that will meet job specific requirements, is easy to use, and saves time.

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High Friction Roads

HFSThe Federal Highway Administration Office of Pavement Technology initiated the Surface Enhancements At Horizontal Curves (SEAHC) program for the installation and demonstration of friction enhancing treatments at highway horizontal curves.

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HIPERPAV software being used to predict concrete curing behavior during early-age pavement

HIPERPAV is a user-friendly, Windows based software designed to assess the influence of pavement design, concrete mix design, construction methods and environmental conditions on the early-age behavior of portland cement concrete pavements (PCCP).

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Intelligent Construction

Intelligent Compaction roller on an asphalt pavement during constructionIntelligent Compaction (IC) refers to the compaction of road materials using modern vibratory rollers equipped with an integrated measurement system, an onboard computer reporting system, GPS based mapping, and optional feedback control.

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Precast Pavement

Precast concrete pavement construction in Florida

Precast concrete pavement has been proven to be a durable, long-life, low maintenance solution for rapid repair and rehabilitation of concrete pavement and bridge approach slabs. Using precast concrete has numerous benefits.

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ProVAL 3.5, a pavement profile viewing and analysis tool, displays the results of a pavement smoothness analysis on an aerial map.

ProVAL (Profile Viewing and Analysis) is an engineering software application used to view and analyze pavement profiles. It is easy to use and powerful enough to perform many types of profile analyses. ProVAL is free to download.

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Smooth Pavements

pavement with trees in the backgroundFind information about the pavement smoothness specifications in the United States.

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