Where on Earth Are We?


In the last blog entry, a preview was given of the use of Google Earth as part of this project. The measurement results from each of the sites are being ported to Google Earth for both visualization and interpretation. Moving averages of the On-Board Sound Intensity are calculated with a 0.5-second window (44 ft. at 60 mph). The result is a trace that characterizes the test variability along the section. Overlaying this on top of the terrain and aerial images in Google Earth allows for a better understanding of this variability.

The following three images illustrate three of the test sections.

Austria pavement test tection on Google Earth

Austria Site AT05

Belgium pavement test tection on Google Earth

Belgium Site BE01

Netherlands pavement test tection on Google Earth

Netherlands Site NL02

If you want to take a test drive of Google Earth for yourself, first make sure you have the latest version installed, which can be downloaded by clicking HERE.

Then click HERE to download the file for AT05 illustrated above.

Have a nice flight!