GripTester: Pavement Friction Testing, Evaluation, and Improvement

GripTester is the accurate and economical way to measure skid resistance on roads.

Transtec’s pavement experts provide GripTester friction testing services and help you understand and interpret the results.

Transtec’s team of engineers can perform routine pavement friction testing, investigate the root cause of low pavement friction conditions, and develop optimized corrective actions.

GripTester Pavement Friction Services

Ensure your pavements are providing adequate friction year-round. Transtec’s GripTester services help you maintain a dependable pavement system.

Colored Graph of Sample Griptester Pavement Testing Results

Sample Griptester Pavement Testing Results

Reduce the risk of skidding by surveying pavement surfaces regularly. The GripTester evaluates friction and identifies areas that may be compromised.

The GripTester is continuous friction measurement equipment (CFME), a system more representative of conditions experienced by skidding vehicles. Transtec tests, reports, and provides a strategy to improve pavements that are underperforming.

The GripTester is reliable, accurate, and suitable for testing friction on any type of pavement.

GripTester Pavement Friction Testing on wet pavement

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Transtec’s pavement engineering team has unmatched experience in research, planning, design, and construction of pavement facilities. Our expertise has made us a world leader in pavement surface engineering and testing for safety and performance. We’re also certified as a DBE, MBE, SDB, and minority-owned small business.

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