There was no question in the trust and professionalism you get working with Transtec. Transtec is at the forefront of the industry when it comes to data collection. Everyone within the firm has extensive knowledge of pavement design and the different remedies for pavement distress.

— Josh Jones, Blastrac

Transtec’s knowledge of local pavement practices combined with the understanding of TxDOT requirements and the desires of the developer led to expedited decision-making which benefited the project as a whole. Because of this positive experience, Intertek-PSI plans to team with Transtec on other large transportation projects throughout the US and could not be more pleased with their performance on this project.

— Dexter Bacon, Intertek-PSI

Transtec is very helpful and knowledgeable. Along with providing guidance for IC-IR, it was great working with a company aware of roadway construction techniques and how it works. Transtec’s willingness and patience to help us really understand IC-IR technology was the best.

— Marli Hayes, Capital Paving and Construction

This is a team of brilliant minds who love what they do. Transtec retains the best pavement experts I’ve ever seen.

— Ray Barnhart, Former Federal Highway Administrator

Transtec’s HIPERPAV represents a sea-change in pavement design and a breakthrough technological advancement.

— Pat Nolan, American Concrete Pavement Association Vice Chairman

We appreciate the dedication that you have shown towards our staff, since we can call you at any time of the day or night for technical training or service.

— Randall Rosenbaum, Archer Western Contractors

The difference is your pavement engineers are true engineers and not just designers. On our design/build project, you were responsive to our needs, provided timely decisions and helped us control construction costs. We’ll gladly hire you again.

— Bill Burnett, J.D. Abrams Construction

We have in-house guys who do pavement design, but they’re conservative. You guys accept the risk to give us the most cost-effective option the owner will buy, and that makes us money.

— Mark Brown, Zachry Construction Corporation

For more than a decade, Transtec has been our first choice when we need pavement services. The Transtec team consistently delivers exceptional engineering and terrific service.

— Jim Wilde, Bechtel Civil Infrastructure

What’s it like to work with The Transtec Group?

Imagine a team of the best people available, sitting at the table with you, ready to address your needs in ways you hadn’t thought possible. We draw on our vast experience to bring cost-effective alternatives and practical methods. We’re not the consultant you worry is worth the expense—we’re the consultant you’ll wish you’d hired last year. With Transtec by your side, you’ll be confident you’re making the best decisions.

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