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Updated FHWA HIPERBOND Software Improves Concrete Overlay Performance

Pavement construction using a concrete overlay in Iowa. Concrete overlay in Iowa

Advanced models lead to better predictions

AUSTIN, TX, December 21, 2006—The Federal Highway Administration announced that the popular HIPERBOND software for bonded concrete overlays has been updated and will soon be available at no cost to the public. The Transtec Group, the architects of the software, completed a full suite of calibration and validation efforts that led the FHWA to schedule release of this updated version.

HIPERBOND is a software program that predicts the performance of bonded concrete overlays. HIPERBOND evaluates the construction, pavement design, materials, and environmental factors during the first 72 hours after construction. Bonded concrete overlays fail when de-bonding occurs. The use of HIPERBOND helps to predict and prevent de-bonding.

The software originated as a module from the FHWA’s HIPERPAV software, but is now offered as stand-alone software that can be used independently. HIPERBOND includes two overlay modules – one for jointed concrete pavement and the other for continuously reinforced concrete pavement.

HIPERBOND models the early-age behavior of bonded concrete overlays and predicts potential de-bonding problems. “The software allows users to quickly analyze the impact that the environment, material properties, design and construction operations have on the critical shear and tensile stresses compared to the bond strength,” said Gary Crawford, FHWA Concrete Quality Engineer. “It’s a good tool for engineers to make judgments on whether or not the concrete overlay will achieve adequate bond strength.”

The Transtec Group’s validation process required extensive state-of-the-art field instrumentation to test actual overlays after construction to ensure the predictions corresponded with the actual results. “The process included making changes and enhancements that improved the models, which led to better predictions,” Crawford said.

HIPERBOND has been used extensively for planning of pavement projects, prevention of construction problems, and forensics investigations. It is used by contractors, pavement designers, material suppliers, and other industry stakeholders.

For more information about HIPERBOND, contact FHWA’s Gary Crawford at +1 (202) 366 1286 or, or Transtec’s Mauricio Ruiz at +1 (512) 451 6233 or

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