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Transtec VP Speaks at Dutch Concrete Road Symposium

Dr. Robert O. Rasmussen with The Transtec Group presenting at the 2013 Dutch Concrete Road Symposium Dr. Robert Rasmussen delivers his keynote speech on concrete pavement surface characteristics at the Dutch Concrete Road Symposium in October 2013.

AUSTIN, TX, November 7, 2013—In October, pavement engineering firm The Transtec Group’s Vice President and Chief Engineer Dr. Robert O. Rasmussen, PE, had the honor of delivering a keynote speech at the 2013 Dutch Concrete Road Symposium in the Netherlands. The symposium—in Dutch, Betonwegendag 2013—is a biennial meeting of industry leaders, agencies, builders, and owners committed to advancing concrete roadway safety, ride quality, and sustainability.

A discussion of concrete surfaces is fundamental to this commitment—the Netherlands is focusing on concrete surfaces in order to optimize their roads’ functional performance. Cement&BetonCentrum (The Dutch Cement and Concrete Centre) invited Dr. Rasmussen to the symposium as an expert in pavement surface characteristics’ effect on roadways.

At the symposium, Dr. Rasmussen shared his findings on the vast amount of variability in pavement surface texture. Texture measurements collected from around the world indicate that changes in construction operations and mix composition can significantly affect the final texture of a pavement—which contributes to pavement noise, safety, smoothness, and rolling resistance.

Dr. Rasmussen advocates for a collective understanding of how pavement texture can be manipulated during design and construction. Along with tightly controlled construction operations, this knowledge can help agencies, owners, and contractors build pavements that retain their desired texture and functional performance.

The Dutch Cement and Concrete Centre, CROW, and Bouwend Nederland (Building Netherlands) organized the Dutch Concrete Road Symposium. The event was held in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands on 10 October 2013, two years after returning from a 13-year break in 2011. After a well-received symposium in 2011, the organizers decided to continue it as a biennial event. For more information, please visit the official website at

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