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Transtec Releases ProVAL 2.7, FHWA’s Newest Software for Pavement Smoothness

Logo for the pavement viewing software, ProVAL.

Software’s new Profile Editor a breakthrough in data processing

AUSTIN, TX, September 8, 2006—The Transtec Group today announced the release of ProVAL 2.7, a free software tool that responds to the public demand for smoother pavements. The widespread success of the ProVAL software led the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to sponsor this new version, which includes new features that will change the way the industry processes pavement profiles.

ProVAL – Profile Viewing and Analysis – allows users to view and analyze pavement profiles collected by pavement profile measurement equipment. Different equipment manufacturers use different data formats and standards, making it difficult to compare profiles collected by diverse brands of equipment. ProVAL is the first and only software application that can read data from numerous pavement profilers, and unify them using a common data format.

The new ProVAL includes an entirely new feature called the Profile Editor. With this powerful tool, ProVAL users can now edit data sets instantly, and view results immediately. The results can then be exported to other software programs such as spreadsheet programs. The Editor helps novice and expert users alike.

ProVAL developers at The Transtec Group created version 2.7 in response to innovative requests from some of the thousands of users around the world. In this version, users of the software can change the main screen of the software by displaying the features they use, and removing the features they do not use. The multi-manufacturer compliant software can now be customized by the user, which will dramatically increase efficiency for highway agencies and construction contractors.

The FHWA-sponsored ProVAL 2.7 replaces version 2.6. “I thought version 2.6 was a great product,” said Kevin Jones of Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT). “The enhancements in 2.7 just make it better and make things a little easier and simpler for me.” ProVAL also helps DOTs when they make the switch from Profilograph-based specifications to inertial profiler specifications. Jones stressed, “Iowa is in the process of implementing lightweight inertial profilers and reviewing the ride specifications for construction. ProVAL has made both tasks much easier.”

Since its debut in 2001, ProVAL has become the recognized standard profile software, and the new updates provide even better usability. “ProVAL is becoming a solid analysis tool for anyone wishing to process pavement profile data,” said John Andrews of Maryland State Highway Administration. “The additions and modifications in 2.7 have dramatically increased its usefulness.”

In addition to the ProVAL software, the Transtec ProVAL team provides workshops, training, technical support, a web site, and an online users forum. The ProVAL team helps highway agencies and construction contractors plan, design, build, and maintain smoother roads.

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