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The Transtec Group to Reduce Traffic Noise with Quiet Pavement Design Services

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AUSTIN, TX, August 2, 2012—Pavement engineering company The Transtec Group implements practical quiet pavement technologies to address rising traffic noise. Increasingly noisy highways recently prompted The Wall Street Journal to publish an article titled “Quest for Quiet Pavement Is No Easy Road.”

According to the WSJ article, which quotes experts and discusses current pavement methods in Virginia, Arizona, California and Washington, traffic noise is disturbing to nearby residents and it can even be harmful to their health. Furthermore, a noisy highway lowers property values and can necessitate costly barriers.

President of The Transtec Group, Dan Rozycki, comments, “Traffic noise pollution is getting worse, and the traditional solution—often concrete noise walls—is expensive. For less money, it is possible to adjust the road’s surface texture and create less traffic noise. This is a complicated process, but The Transtec Group has conducted more pavement noise research than any other US firm. For 20 years, The Transtec Group has produced practical pavement solutions and tools and can now design quiet pavement for any application.”

The Transtec Group helps public and private agencies in street, highway, airfield and seaport projects. To do so, the company conducts in-depth investigations of pavement noise, smoothness and texture. A combined effort by noise control experts and pavement experts create affordable solutions for long-term highway sustainability. One such expert is The Transtec Group’s Vice President and Chief Engineer Dr. Robert Rasmussen, INCE, PE who has overseen over 20 million dollars of engineering and research, largely funded by FHWA and various state DOTs.

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About The Transtec Group: The Transtec Group is a pavement engineering firm that provides expertise in pavement design, research, construction, rehabilitation, software development, Public-Private Partnership (P3) projects and technology transfer for the transportation industry. A DBE and MBE firm, Transtec is a leader in Design-Build transportation projects worldwide. Transtec is based in Austin, Texas and serves clients throughout the world. For more information, please visit