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The Transtec Group Opens Intelligent Construction Technical Support Center

Workers use IC and IR to improve paving operations on Route 36 in Macon County, Missouri Workers use IC and IR to improve paving operations on Route 36 in Macon County, Missouri.

Pavement engineering firm The Transtec Group opened an Intelligent Construction Technical Support Center offering HelpDesk support, training workshops, field project support, and complete support packages.

Intelligent construction technologies (ICT)—such as intelligent compaction (IC) and paver-mounted thermal profiling (PMTP)—allow for the real-time detection of paving and compaction issues so paving crews can adjust the operation to improve the final pavement quality. Using IC and PMTP improves construction quality control (QC) and efficiency to make pavements last longer and to reduce maintenance costs.

The use of IC and PMTP has been increasingly adopted by state departments of transportation across the country. The cost of IC and PMTP technologies is just a fraction of the cost of the project—and made even more affordable with retrofit technology—however, many agencies don’t see success with IC and PMTP without the proper training and support.

Transtec is a leader in ICT solutions and opened the ICT Support Center to make ICT support readily available to agencies and companies around the world.

HelpDesk Support

Veta 5 includes direct data download from the Cloud.

Transtec provides online HelpDesk support for questions related to Veta software (downloading, installation, data imports, analysis, reports, etc), and IC and PMTP technologies. To start a HelpDesk ticket, simply visit the HelpDesk website.

Veta is a map-based AASHTO standard software tool for viewing and analyzing data from IC machines and PMTP systems and is free to download.

Training Workshops

Transtec provides lecturer-led Intelligent Construction Data Management (ICDM) and Veta training workshops, typically in a one-day format. The workshops aim to inform the audience about ICT for pavements and how to use ICT to improve construction quality control to ensure longer pavement lives.

The goals of the workshops include:

  • Learning the basics of IC/PMTP and Veta software.
  • Understanding DOT IC/PMTP specifications and how to meet the requirements.
  • Mastering IC/PMTP data collection, data characteristics, and trouble shooting.
  • Practicing hands-on Veta analysis with many case studies.

Transtec has conducted more than 100 ICDM-Veta workshops in the US and China since 2008. Recently, Transtec led a successful IC training workshop in Australia to share what agencies in the US have learned and experienced in the past 15 years of IC implementation.

Field Project Support

Transtec provides field project support, including:

  • Onsite field technical support, which normally includes one of our technical staff onsite for the first two to three days of construction.
  • Just-in-time-training (JITT), which typically includes four to eight hours of hands-on Veta classroom and ICT field training.
  • Data management/analysis/reporting, which covers topics like exporting and downloading data files, Veta analysis, and identifying issues and solutions.

Complete Support Package

Transtec also provides a complete package of IC-PMTP-Veta support for agencies or companies, including:

  • Protocol development for IC-PMTP project planning, data file management, check lists and standard forms.
  • Lecturers-led onsite training workshops on ICDM-Veta
  • Onsite field project support, just-in-time training, trouble-shooting, etc.
  • Data management, analysis, issues-and-solutions, and reporting.
  • Review on new IC and PMTP specification development or refinement of existing specification
  • Conducting industry feedback meetings and resolving any technical issues.
  • Developing a summary report, presentation, and Q&As for agency executives.

Transtec provided complete consulting services to the Missouri Department of Transportation during a year-long IC-IR project. Because of the success of the projects, MoDOT has committed to fully implementing IC by 2021.

Get Intelligent Construction Support

To get started with ICT support, please visit the Transtec ICT Support Center or send an email to