Quality WIM Downloads

The FHWA WIM Data Analysts’ Manual refers to Excel workbooks utilized for analyzing test truck data for calibration and/or accuracy testing of a WIM system as well as for analyzing samples of truck traffic stream data for monitoring WIM system calibration.  These sample workbooks are provided below.

Test Truck Data Analyses (Revised Feb 26, 2010)

Import and Analyze Truck Traffic Stream Data  (Revised June 3, 2011)

NOTE: The Excel workbooks discussed in the WIM Data Analyst’s Manual have been extensively modified to add various new features; please carefully review the documentation provided below.

Workbook for PAT Type I WIM Data Analyses

The FHWA WIM Data Analysts’ Manual also refers to a PowerPoint presentation on considerations which should be addressed in determining suitable locations for WIM system installations.  This presentation is provided below.

WIM Site Selection Presentation