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Precast Pavement Web Site Responds to Industry Demand

Construction of precast concrete pavement Precast concrete pavement construction

AUSTIN, TX, October 31, 2006—The Transtec Group announces the launch of, a content-rich Web site developed in response to the growing demand for more information on precast prestressed concrete pavement technology.

Within the past five years, several precast pavement projects have been constructed throughout the country, but very little information has been available on these projects until now.

With the launch of, The Transtec Group provides a single source of information for transportation agencies and the precast concrete and concrete paving industries to become more informed about the benefits of this innovative construction technique.

The concept for precast prestressed concrete pavement, originally developed in the late 1990s under a Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) sponsored feasibility study, provides an alternative to traditional rapid pavement rehabilitation techniques such as hot-mix asphalt and fast-setting concretes. The technique reduces user-delays during construction while providing a durable, long-term solution and not just a “quick fix.” will help to improve communication about ongoing efforts in the precast pavement industry. “The use of precast prestressed concrete panels for pavement rehabilitation has been shown to be a viable alternative to the more traditional approaches in situations that demand both limited lane closures and a long-life pavement solution,” said Sam Tyson, Concrete Pavement Engineer for FHWA’s Infrastructure Office of Pavement Technology. “This Web site is a great source of information for state DOTs, contractors and others who may want to explore opportunities to employ this proven innovative technology.”

The Web site includes background information on the concept and benefits, articles and reports about precast pavement and a list of upcoming events related to precast pavement.

To date, precast pavement projects have been constructed in several states. Information on precast prestressed pavement projects completed in Texas, California, Missouri, and Iowa are provided on the Web site.

For more information, visit the Web site at

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