CP Tech Center heads to Europe!


In two weeks, the National CP Tech Center will leave for Europe to conduct a round of Noise and Texture testing on pavements there. Beginning in Austria, they will then travel to Belgium, the Netherlands, and finally Germany. Dozens of pavements including exposed aggregate concrete and porous concrete will be tested. Innovative “low noise” solutions will also be evaluated. The measurement techniques that will be used are the same that have been used on over 1000 test sections to date in the USA and Canada. As a result, apples-to-apples comparisons can be made between European and North American pavement characteristics. The On-Board Sound Intensity measurements in Europe will be similar in scope to the NITE testing conducted by Dr. Paul Donavan in 2004. Texture will be measured with the innovative device termed RoboTex (Robotic Texture) Measurement System.

exposed aggregate pavement