ISO 10844 Noise Test Tracks Services


ISO 10844 Acoustics – Specification of Test Tracks for Measuring Noise Emitted by Road Vehicles and Their Tires

If you are an automotive company, a tire company, or a test track owner and you are involved with vehicle exterior noise measurements, then you must know about standard ISO 10844. Common vehicle pass-by noise testing (such as ISO 362 and ISO 13325) is required to be conducted on a test track conforming to ISO 10844. Characteristics of a test track can significantly influence the exterior vehicle noise measurement. In particular, the pavement surface texture affects the noise generated by the tires. The shape, flatness, and sound absorption properties of the track affect how the sound propagates away from the vehicle. The purpose of the ISO 10844 standard is to specify the noise test track in a manner that minimizes the variation of vehicle noise measurements made at different testing locations.

What Does ISO 10844 Specify?

  • Composition of the pavement
    • Maximum chipping (aggregate) size
    • Sieve grading curve (gradation or job mix formula)
    • Wearing course thickness
  • Geometry
    • Size and shape
    • Proximity of large reflecting objects
    • Gradient and cross fall (longitudinal and transverse slope)
    • Surface dips and bumps (irregularities)
  • Surface properties
    • Surface texture (mean profile depth or MPD)
    • Sound absorption

Are You Constructing a New Noise Test Track, or Rehabilitating an Existing Track?

How do I explain to my construction contractor to deliver a pavement with sound absorption coefficient less than eight percent?

A test track fully meeting ISO 10844 is really a calibrated instrument for measuring vehicle noise. Following usual road construction specifications and methods will not produce a track that meets the demanding requirements in the standard. Successful construction of an ISO 10844 track requires expertise in pavements and specifications that span surface texture, smoothness, and noise. Transtec’s industry-recognized pavement experts can help you design, plan, and verify the end result meets the ISO 10844 requirements.

Test Track Certification Services

Does my noise test track meet the requirements of the most recent version of the standard, ISO 10844:2014?

Transtec provides acceptance testing of new noise test tracks, and periodic checking of existing tracks at intervals required by the standard. Conformity testing to both the new ISO 10844:2014 and the prior ISO 10844:1994 and ISO 10844:2011 versions of the standard can be provided.

For surface texture, ISO 10844:2014 requires a surface profile device meeting ISO 13473-3, class DE. Transtec utilizes RoboTex, a line laser-based robotic device. RoboTex’s laser scans along the entire length of the test track and provides a 3-dimensional visualization of the surface texture.

Transtec’s RoboTex surface texture profiler.

Transtec’s RoboTex surface texture profiler.

Impedance tube for pavement acoustic absorption. Photo courtesy of Spectronics, Inc.

Impedance tube for pavement acoustic absorption.
Photo courtesy of Spectronics, Inc.

For sound absorption, ISO 10844:2014 requires an impedance tube device meeting ISO 13472-2. Such an instrument utilizes the two-microphone method for sound absorption. The measurement is conducted in-situ, without the need for extracting core samples and the associated patching repairs.