National Traveling Concrete Products Sales Professional

We are seeking a national traveling concrete products sales professional who knows about concrete construction products and would enjoy growing our concrete temperature and maturity meter sales nationwide.

About you:

You are a smart, friendly, experienced sales professional.  You love building relationships and love helping people save time and money.  You enjoy making friends around the nation with construction industry folks.  You enjoy the travel.  You enjoy the competition.  You like new technologies.  You are well-organized and stay on top of all your leads and clients.  You are self-motivated and enthusiastic and optimistic and see the good in other people.  It would be great if you already know the concrete production and concrete construction industry, since your clients will be concrete construction contractors and suppliers.

Job Location:


Transtec is based in Austin, Texas, but you can live in a strategically desirable location and work from home, if you prefer.


Negotiable. Depends on your skills and experience.


We’ve been making and selling this product for 15 years, and the market is growing and we need outside sales help.  The job is fairly independent, but with all the home office support you could want.  You will build up your own network of leads and clients.  We will help you with lead generation.  We will help you during the sale until you don’t want our help, and we will handle the paperwork parts.  We will train you properly.  We will provide the CRM.  Our home office includes our current sales team, so we will support you while you’re on the road.  You will need to bring your own knowledge and experience of sales methods, sales organization skills, and self-management.


We are Transtec, a pavement engineering company for the past 25 years that started making and selling concrete temperature and maturity meters 15 years ago.  Our product is at  The market is still in its early stages but the market is growing and we’re ready to add outside salespeople to our team.  We are a small firm, so we’ll treat you like family.  And since we’re a small firm, there’s no room for average performance.  Everyone is expected to deliver excellent quality, efficiency, and creativity, and you’re expected to treat your coworkers and clients exceptionally well.

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