HIPERPAV Software: Early-Age Pavement Behavior Monitoring

HIPERPAV (HIgh PERformance Concrete PAVing) is software that tracks and predicts the early-age behavior of portland cement concrete pavement (PCCP). Highway contractors, designers, and agencies use HIPERPAV to minimize the risk of premature cracking. The software assesses the influence of pavement design, concrete mix design, construction methods and environmental conditions and warns users if cracks are likely to occur.

CLIENT: Federal Highway Administration

HIPERPAV was developed by The Transtec Group in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration. When it was first introduced, the US Department of Transportation declared it the best outcome of pavement research in a decade. HIPERPAV is so effective at helping contractors and designers prevent unwanted cracks in their pavement that many state highway agencies now require HIPERPAV in specifications. The software has received a Technical Achievement Award from the American Concrete Pavement Association and has been featured in Roads & Bridges. HIPERPAV is a free tool—download it at www.HIPERPAV.com​.​​