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New from FHWA: Intelligent Compaction Phone and Email Support

intelligent compaction rollers on asphalt pavement Intelligent compaction (IC) rollers can speed up construction, improve quality control, and extend pavement life.

AUSTIN, TX, February 6, 2014—In an effort to increase intelligent compaction (IC) implementation on highway projects throughout the US, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is now providing IC phone and email support. The IC Technical Support Service Center (TSSC) will help contractors, agencies, and engineers incorporate IC into standard operations to speed up construction, improve quality control during soils and asphalt compaction, and extend pavement life.

IC TSSC support agents will answer all IC-related questions, including those about specifications, workshops, equipment demos, Veda data management software, pilot project selection, and IC-related technical documents. The IC TSSC also provides local assistance, workshops, equipment demonstrations, and an online library of technical documents and resources.

“This center addresses a primary obstacle to technology implementation: lack of knowledge and understanding. Organizations can use the TSSC to explore IC, ask questions, and get answers,” says Antonio Nieves Torres, Construction Engineer at the FHWA Office of Infrastructure.

Phone and email support is available weekdays from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm CT. To contact the IC TSSC, call the IC Support Hotline at +1 (512) 659 1231 or email

IC is equipment-based technology that allows roller operators to monitor their compaction progress in real time. During soils or asphalt compaction, rollers equipped with IC technology collect geospatial data. This data is immediately available to the roller operator, who can view it on a screen inside the roller cab, monitor compaction progress, and adjust operations as necessary to ensure uniform compaction with full coverage.

FHWA has included IC in their 2013-2014 Every Day Counts (EDC) 2 initiative, a program that aims to deploy a selection of transportation innovations throughout the country. The IC TSSC is sponsored by EDC 2’s effort to provide public support for IC and is operated by The Transtec Group, a pavement engineering firm.

For further information about IC phone and email support, please contact Antonio Nieves Torres at, George K. Chang at, or Michael M. Arasteh at

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