Highway Friction Tester Demonstration

The Dynatest 6875H Highway Friction Tester reports continuous friction measurements. It is a fixed-slip friction system that provides coefficient of friction values and a continuous friction trace. Request a demonstration of this unique equipment.

Highway Friction Tester


  • Continuous measurement of pavement surface coefficient of friction
  • Color-coded output trace of friction vs. distance
  • Can be used for Network Level or Project Level applications



  • Self-contained testing vehicle
  • Vehicle Control Unit with hand pendant and dashboard display
  • Onboard laptop computer and printer for data processing and reporting
  • Onboard water tank and laminar flow water nozzle
  • Retractable fifth-wheel test assembly with two-axis force transducer
  • Tire and pavement temperature sensors
  • Real-time display of friction and speed
  • DGPS and light bar
  • Optional texture laser and triggering photo cell



  • ASTM E2340: continuous fixed-slip friction measurement
  • ASTM E1551: smooth tread test tire for fixed-slip friction testing
  • ASTM E274-97: laminar flow water nozzle
  • ASTM E556: calibration of force transducers



  • Test at traffic speeds between 10 and 80 mph
  • Hand pendant and single-button start
  • Dry or self-wetted measurements



  • Continuous peak friction test
  • 500 gal water tank for testing up to 27 miles
  • Continuous longitudinal slip friction force and vertical load force measurements
  • Digital encoder with speed resolution and accuracy of +/-1.5% or +/- 0.5 mph
  • Constant water layer thickness up to 1 mm at all speeds
  • Continuously braked at a constant slip ratio of 14%
  • Windows XP laptop with 60 GB hard drive

FHWA is offering demonstrations of the HFT in order to provide an overview of this new equipment. Please complete the online Highway Friction Tester request form to schedule an on-site demonstration, or download and submit the form via email. For more information, contact us.