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Danish Transportation Researchers Committed to Reducing Denmark’s Carbon Footprint

Pavement texture measurement using a robotic pavement texture profiler that can create 3D images of texture using a laser. An engineer from The Transtec Group measures pavement texture with RoboTex, a robotic laser profiler.

AUSTIN, TX, September 27, 2012—Denmark has increased efforts to reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions—and lessen their citizens’ fuel costs. The nation introduced an energy conservation project expected to save 101 million dollars, 12.5 million gallons of fuel, and 45,000 tons of CO2 yearly with re-engineered, energy-efficient roadways. As part of this effort, Denmark recently connected with American pavement specialists: engineers from The Transtec Group (Transtec).

Denmark’s CO2 Energy Efficiency (COOEE) project will boost energy efficiency by decreasing vehicles’ resistance to motion, called rolling resistance, according to project manager Bjarne Schmidt of the Danish Road Directorate. Transtec Chief Engineer Dr. Robert O. Rasmussen, PE, said part of this resistance comes from texture—pavement’s tiny bumps and indentations that interact with tires—but the interaction has yet to be widely studied.

To model this relationship, COOEE brought in Transtec’s engineers to use their robotic laser profiler, RoboTex, to collect data capable of creating 3D images of various pavement surfaces. Mr. Schmidt said COOEE will use this data—along with other measurements—in their model to determine surface characteristics that minimize resistance, conserve energy, and reduce Denmark’s carbon footprint.

While in Denmark, Transtec also measured tire-pavement noise—a pavement characteristic that, like texture, is an environmental and economic concern, according to Dr. Rasmussen. In addition to adjusting texture and noise, Transtec’s pavement surface experts focus on friction, smoothness, and splash and spray to achieve smooth, safe, and quiet pavements.

Denmark expects to complete the research portion of their COOEE project mid-2014, and intends to implement their improvements for sustainable, energy-saving roadways soon after.

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