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COMMAND Center Boosts Concrete Quality in Latin America

COMMAND Center concrete temperature monitoring and maturity monitoring being used to improve construction on the Francisco J. Mujica Dam COMMAND Center Technology on Francisco J. Mujica Dam in Mexico

Maturity Meter Helps Build Better Concrete Structures

AUSTIN, TX, July 7, 2010—COMMAND Center (CC), a concrete temperature and strength measurement system developed by The Transtec Group, is increasing its market in Latin America as it continues to be a simple solution for concrete contractors around the world. The system is being used to monitor concrete strength on one of Mexico’s largest construction projects, with hopes of advancing existing specifications for maturity and temperature measurement throughout Ibero-Latin American countries.

The COMMAND Center technology uses the maturity method, which enables contractors, builders and engineers to know when the concrete on their project has reached a desired strength.  CC provides fast and reliable reports on condition changes that encourage safety and lower completion costs on concrete construction projects.

COMMAND Center is currently being used to monitor the strength gain of Roller-Compacted Concrete (RCC) used in the construction of the Francisco J. Mugica Dam in the State of Michoacan.  This is the first time the system has been implemented on a project of this magnitude in Mexico, and the end result may set the standard for maturity measurement and quality control nationwide.

Throughout the world, COMMAND Center is making concrete temperature and strength monitoring more simple and affordable than ever.  In Ibero-Latin America and beyond, Transtec hopes to assist clients in their maturity implementations through the CC system in order to build higher quality concrete structures every time.

About COMMAND Center: The COMMAND Center system integrates the functions of proven maturity measurement methods with state-of-the-art features, optimizing concrete strength and temperature monitoring for any concrete application. COMMAND Center sensors are self-contained, self-powered, internally logging and fully configurable to project specifications. Concrete contractors and engineers may use the system to optimize concrete strength for minimal installation cost and time. Learn about COMMAND Center and the maturity method at

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